My Vision

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I have been blessed with a happy and rewarding life of service, community, and family. I love my wife and my family, my neighbors, and our great state of Colorado.

I think often of the sacrifices my parents and immigrant grandparents, who fled oppression in Eastern Europe, made to bestow these opportunities on me. And I spend a lot of time thinking about the world I’m leaving for my children and those of our community.

I don’t want them to grow up in Scott Tipton’s world. A world in which declining rural communities and a fading American Dream are “solved” by heaping tax breaks on billionaires and bailouts on big banks. A world in which our social contract and fundamental rights — from education to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, from our ability to live our lives and love who we choose — are constantly under assault. A world in which a Congressman’s proudest accomplishment is shutting down our government itself.

I am running for Congress to restore dignity and service to the people of the 3rd District. I am fighting to end corporate welfare, achieve campaign finance reform, and defend our schools, seniors, and natural heritage from Republican assault.

Our 3rd District is vast, diverse, and unique. Construction, Agriculture, Tourism, Education, Energy and Service Industries are our lifeblood. We need to foster these and other sectors with collaborative, innovative solutions that provide widespread opportunity for our communities and working people.  We also need to protect our water rights, national and state parks ,and our natural resources. On the Western Slope and in Southern Colorado, our jobs and livelihoods are inseparable from the health and bounty of our wonderful environment.

I am running because I believe in, and am ready to fight for, the following principles as your servant in Congress:

  • Principled and community-grounded government that provides a chance for every Coloradan to thrive and prosper. Investing in our communities and neighbors through quality education, affordable healthcare, fair wages, and security in retirement makes us all richer and our state and country strong.
  • A government that honors the needs of small-business owners and entrepreneurs, not the corporate welfare sought by large campaign contributors.
  • To end to the income and wage gap. Americans are hardworking people, averaging 300 more hours/year per person than the next ranking country, Japan. Yet we have the biggest gap in the world between top earners and working people, youth, and seniors. Our economy isn’t working for most of us, and we need to fix that.
  • To foster growth of the middle class, the heart and soul of our country.
  • To close the gender wage gap. I have 3 daughters. It’s appalling that U.S. women earn 72% as much as men for equal performance.
  • Focus on education. It’s unacceptable that America ranks among the lowest in the developed world in education.
  • Continue to improve healthcare. We pay radically more for healthcare than any other developed country, yet our system ranks 37th in the world in a recent study. Many people in the 3rd District cannot afford basic services and are forced to live with painful conditions that deny them the ability to work and enjoy full, rewarding lives. We’ve got to fix this.
  • Veterans aren’t second-class citizens. My father was a veteran, and I’ve always had the utmost respect for his service. If we can afford to send our friends and neighbors off to war, we can afford to honor their sacrifices and support them when they come home.
  • Government shouldn’t be in the business of telling us who we can love, what we must do with our bodies, and how to live our lives. End of story.
  • Immigration – We are a country that has thrived and prospered, thanks to immigration. Yet today many employers struggle to find good workers, and many immigrants are forced to live in the dangerous shadows. Let’s find sensible plans, reform our policies, and help create a path towards citizenship that honors those who want to work, pay taxes, and contribute to a stronger America.
  • Strong Second Amendment – I support second amendment rights. Let’s work smarter to curb gun violence, protect our children and schools, and support responsible gun owners.
  • Energy and the Environment – Energy is vital to Colorado’s economy. We must keep an eye to emerging technologies and invest in fast-growing new energy industries, limit the impacts from fossil fuels on our health and environment, and provide a balanced transition from old to new energy industries for working families and our communities.



4 thoughts on “My Vision

  1. Ana Moran March 28, 2016 / 8:51 am

    I appreciate your willingness to step forward and challenge the incumbent Scott Tipton. Your political beliefs are worthy and your cause is noble. We, Democrats and non-democrats alike, look forward to supporting your campaign and seeing what it brings.

    • Steve Sheldon March 29, 2016 / 9:38 pm

      Thank you Ana for reading through the site. I truly hope to represent us all, dem, rep, ind. We are all citizens of this great country. I wear my heart proudly on my sleeve. I will see you at the assembly! Feel free to email me and let me know the issues that you think are the most important to you and your area of the district

  2. Barbara Tidd March 29, 2016 / 8:47 pm

    Many thanks for your stepping forward. I have been wanting someone to challenge our incumbent. I am a delegate to the CD3 Assembly and State Convention. I forwarded your article to 3 other Saguache County delegates and to our one alternate. Look forward to meeting you in Loveland.

    • Steve Sheldon March 29, 2016 / 9:40 pm

      Thank you for spreading the word Barbara, I believe that is the best way to move our message forward. I look forward to meeting you in Loveland. I would love to hear what you feel are most important issues affecting your area, feel free to email me them anytime.

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