Mailing Address:

PO Box 1555

Gypsum, Co    81637



Office: 970-524-3647

Fax: 970-524-1082


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Fred John Lozen April 23, 2016 / 6:50 am

    Steve, you mention a great many things that you want to “fix” but offer few actual specific solutions. Before I vote in the Democratic primary, and offer to support you with friends and neighbors, I would be interested in HOW you plan to “fix” high medical bills, and the other issues you address in your “vision”. Would you specifically support the goals and proposals of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, including a rational balanced budget based on corporations paying their fair share of tax and the inclusion of Medicare for all American citizens? Would you support the TPP (which Senator Benet has voted to fast-track), the Employee Free Act, Raising the income cap on Social Security Income… SPECIFIC proposals that have been put forward by actual progressives? … In any case, best wishes on your run for office, and best of luck in taking on the Tipton money machine.

    • Steve Sheldon April 23, 2016 / 8:43 am

      Unfortunately we missed the ballot by one vote, I would’ve liked very much to have continued this discussion. We have to start helping the hard working citizens of our great country. Yes we need to concentrate on the details, but first we need to all sit down and agree that we need to put the citizens first.

  2. Fred John Lozen April 23, 2016 / 9:11 am

    Well, thanks for you comments and your interest in serving the citizens of the Third. Not to be argumentative, but I think most of us agree that the government should serve the interests of its citizens… so we are not divided by our goals but by our reality. If there is one thing the Bernie campaign has done, it has created a conversation about the difference in the rhetoirc and the reality of our elected officials. In any case, am I hearing the you will NOT be in the primary? … In that case, I hope you will support Ms. Schwartz in her run. At least this year the D tripple C are making some effort to regain the seat… Feel the Burn … and may the Schwartz be with you! 🙂

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