The People’s Candidate for Congress

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For three elections, Democrats have fallen short of victory in the 3rd Congressional District. We’ve watched as one candidate after another was unable to send Republican Scott Tipton packing. We sat on the sidelines as Tipton’s office became a watering hole for lobbyists and special interests. While our friends and neighbors drowned in an unfair economy, we watched him shut down our government and vote for tax breaks for billionaires. We watched as he advanced a far right agenda of discrimination against women, our LGBT neighbors, and our Latino communities. While our rivers dwindled and our forests burned, we heard him deny climate change time and time again.

I’m Dr. Steve Sheldon, and I’m tired of watching Scott Tipton embarrass our communities and betray our trust in Congress. 2016 is the year to send him packing. 2016 is the year we return a fighter for dignity, working people, and real change to Washington.

I’m a small town veterinarian, business owner, and proud father of 5. I believe in the power of our communities and I am working hard to earn your support to challenge and beat Scott Tipton in November.

As a veterinarian, I’ve been blessed to serve and work alongside people from all walks of life. I count among my friends, neighbors, and clients many of the unaffiliated and Republican voters who make up the majority of our district. I understand that Democrats alone cannot take back our district and restore dignity to our seat in Congress. As a father who works hard to teach my children the same values of service, compassion, and pride that my immigrant grandparents gifted me, I believe that there is much that can still unite and inspire us across party lines.

I hope you’ll join me in creating a broad coalition for change in the 3rd District this November.




2 thoughts on “The People’s Candidate for Congress

  1. LorrieAnne Swan April 14, 2016 / 5:15 pm

    Are you for term limits? The change that occurs with people that stay in the political machine for their entire working life has shown a negative impact on the way the country is managed. There are a few people who make things better the longer they are there but that is unfortunately not the case. Your last name is Sheldon. My favorite character in TV shows is Sheldon Cooper. I will watch and see if your talk matches your walk. If you add term limits to your action plan I may be swayed your way. I admit that I am not willing to be a leader. I don’t have the physical or mental energy for it, however, I do have a brain and I keep history close at hand to make decisions for my life. I hope your soul and intelligence is in the proper place for this. Making money had better not be anywhere on your goal list or you will slip and I will see. Then I will turn away and search for someone who wants the human race to be better, not the same and not worse off.

    • Steve Sheldon April 14, 2016 / 5:36 pm

      I have already submitted my paperwork to the Secretary of State voluntarily electing a 3 term max under Colorado’s Initiative 18. Thank you for asking about my intelligence and soul, 2 of my most prominent assets. Ask anyone who knows me. Anyone. You forgot to ask about my heart, which is always in the right place.

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